Looking for a laser machine? Read this first!

This article will help you decide which laser machine best fits your needs!

ECNC is one of the most respected and well-known companies in the CNC machines industry because we offer solutions that deliver the most satisfying experience to our clients.

This post gives you tips and shows the differentials when choosing your laser cutting machine model, facilitating your life in picking the one that suits you the most, after all we are talking about your money.

Tip 1: Chassi and mechanical assembly.

The base structure is the soul of every excellent machine, just like in the automobiles, and we name that chassi. It is this robust, strong, aligned and at the correct weight that will permit that the whole mechanical set will be built and work harmoniously, just like in an orchestra. This means that there should be no vibrations, either misalignment and endeavors, which will guarantee a precise cut. An excellent chassi will not do all the work on its own, that’s why an excellent mechanical kit will be built on top of it. It is a light and strong structure accompany of a linear guides kit that reaches close to perfection.

Guide alignment through dial indicator

Here we present the most differential in our machines. Most of the market machines does not even utilize linear guides.

After all is built on top of the chassi, everything will work perfectly, which means that your will have a machine that will deliver work with maximum quality. But what does that mean in practice after all?

– Cut and/ or engraving quality: when cutting or engraving, the lines and curves will come out perfectly “smooth”, that means that you won´t have a problem with lines with a ‘serrated aspect’ which can give a low quality to your end product.

– Productivity gain: ECNC machines will deliver cuts and engravings totally smooth, even on high speed, without causing vibrations. This way you won’t have to repair serrated parts, losing precious resources, like money and time, which it may impact directly in your company’s health in the medium to long term.
– Reduction of periodic maintenance: it won’t be necessary to stop your company’s production frequently, because of the misalignment of the mirrors. We guarantee drastic reduction of this process in our machines so you won’t have any delays with your clients, maximizing your profit. Our machines were projected to be accommodated in spaces that range from big to small. It is possible to remove some parts so they may pass through doors when the space is limited. This process will not misalign the structure or damage it. Think about it at the time of your purchase. We think through. You may always visit our factory to accompany the building process of our machines.

Tip 2: Laser tube

Many of the most common equipment found today in the market use CO² laser tubes. These tubes are like a sealed cylinder that contains a mixture of gases in its interior. These gases are stimulated to emit laser light. 

Reci laser tube

There are two laser tube categories available in the market today, the long life and the low life. Let’s explain them:

Laser Long Life: they are the best laser tubes in the market. Its production process guarantees the creation of high quality and performance. It promotes a longer lifespan and it possess a bigger diameter around 80mm. These characteristics gives the tubes a greater power. For example, a first line long life tube with 90w or 100w is stronger than a 130w or 150w low life tube.
Laser Low Life: it is the most common laser tube in the market, normally used in low cost and imported machines. It has less durability than a long life because of its smaller diameter. Our laser machine solutions utilize the long life tubes, because it is the heart of our laser tube machines. Pay attention when choosing yours, because it will make a whole difference in your enterprise.

Tip 3: Chiller

chiller ch5000

The sales person of a Chinese machine will hardly tell you that you will need an energy stabilizer and an air conditioning environment, with a whole lot of ice, at the time of your purchase.


The laser source is a high heat source. To generate the laser beam, it process lots of heat, and it is a very delicate piece. The manufacturers recommend that it stays at a temperature lower than 30°C (86 °F), otherwise its breakage will be inevitable. For that to happen, it is necessary that the water flux inside the tube remains continuous with the regulated temperature inside the laser tube.


That’s where our chiller comes into play. Manufactured in Brazil, it is adequate to our climate. This allows you to work without worrying about the water temperature neither the climate. It has an automatic temperature control that guarantees it stays between 18 and 24 °C (between 64.4 and 75.2 °F) that guarantees a higher laser tube efficiency; it also has flux sensors that guarantees that in an eventual water shortage for any matter, it will pause the job so it won’t damage neither your work or the machine.


Imagine for any reason the chiller water flux is interrupted while the machine is working. Thanks to our control management along with our HMI that accompanies our equipment, the work will be paused so the laser tube won’t work without water.


And it does not need a water point because it possesses a water reservoir of 20 liters that should be changed periodically according to the water type you decide to use.

Tip 4: Spare parts

When you you talk about imported laser machines, the first, the second, the third. . . The thing that comes into mind is the advantageous price at the moment, what about afterwards? You will only realize you made the wrong choice when you need a spare part. The imported machines normally use many parts that are not easily found here in our national market, principally electronic parts.


You might think “well, all I need is to import it” and that’s it. Well, yes and no. You may import it, but the freight and customs value may double or triple. Also, don’t forget the time factor, because the import may delay more than expected.


This delay may be 30, 60, 90 days or more. What will be the cost for your business, with a stopped machine and delivery orders accumulating and delaying? Our machines are built to facilitate the maintenance. The client himself/herself can replace a defected part with the remote help of an ECNC technician. You don’t need a technician on site to do a simple maintenance that does not require technical ability. Moreover this remote support is available and free of costs even out of the guarantee.

Tip 5: Technical Support

There are some details in the CNC machine that may cause a lot of headache for those who doesn’t understand this machinery well, and if a problem appears. It is important at the time of your purchase, you request your supplier the contacts of some clients to know how the after-sales follow-up was. How long was the equipment stopped waiting for assistance? How was the technical training to operate the machine? This is just as important as having replacement parts. 

Before you purchase the first machine you come across, remember the sales person will narrate a perfect world full of opportunities. It is up to you to inform yourself and research about the company’s history in complaint sites and speak with people who are already customers. Don’t forget the basic rules when signing a contract. 

Pay attention to those gigantic contracts that discourages you from reading, they probably trying to hide details that were not so clear during the negotiation.

Tip 6: Know which company you are buying from

For the last part but not less important, before you compare prices you should compare values!


We are a familiar company with 15 years of history that generates 30 jobs directly. We have a 1000 meters square and more than 1000 sold equipment.


Our clients have access to a group of differentiated shared files produced by engineers, product ideas and help of who is already in the market for a while. We also have partners that supplies mdf, differentiated acrylic and especial glues.


Make sure you are closing a good business deal. Those are some of the tips you should consider when purchasing your laser machine.

We at ECNC, have trained consultants to answer all your questions before you invest in an equipment that can be your main income. Besides that, we are always with open doors in our factory to receive our clients and future clients.